Diane Snelgrove

Founder & CEO

woman sitting in chair outside

After 25 years in business, Diane has a unique ability to source out the gold in an idea like an Alchemist. She has a creative entrepreneur’s approach allowing her to ask questions from different perspectives. Never one to give up or let go, she will just reframe and come at it from a different position to gain a solution.

Diane is as comfortable in front of one person as she is in front of 500. Her ability to ramp up projects quickly, on target with a systematic delivery is seamless. All the while keeping the entrepreneur or organization on budget and on brand. She is loyal, and committed to the journey always keeping the big picture in mind. She thrives with multiple projects and networks of people.

Quick to the point, she hones in on the critical path to success and is keenly aware of what will cripple the project. Her laugh will launch rocket ships, while her attitude is to see the glass half full. If the water line goes down and times get tough, she will just go find more water for her glass and yours.


Bring ourselves to work.

Bring 50% of our selves to work requires the bunny slippers to stay and home.  We need to hone our craft to offer our unique professional approach to the work. Personal Development of our skills and leadership is part of the journey.

Abundance of ideas and energy is available.

Putting in the time and talent will harvest the right sequence of ideas to bring a project to maturity. Keeping focused with unrelenting pressure will yield results inch by inch.

Give to Get.

Don’t hold back once the decision has been made. Give everything you got. Give others the space and respect they need to get the best work from them.

Alchemy is finding the gold.

Faith and patience to find the bigger picture or the long-term build is hard but worth it. That is where the gold is.

Dashboard Decisions.

If you don’t know your numbers, you don’t have all the information. Work from a place of power and critical facts by knowing the right questions to ask to get the numbers that matter.

Find your first Domino.

Put in the work to find the right first Domino that will cause a chain reaction. This approach can have a huge ripple effect on future momentum.

Surround yourself with experts and business people who make you want to be better and grow.

Constantly be listening & learning, then the critical step is to take bold action.

There are a thousand ways to do business; find your path through others’ leadership.

Embracing Fear

Fear stops people dead in their tracks.

It shows up and stops talented amazing people from
completing projects that could propel their lives forward.

Face your fear with Slipstream Training.

Diane Coaching in California

Fear is sneaky. It does not always show up as pure fear, but rather procrastination or frustration stopping you from achieving in the moment. Then moment is lost and the opportunity gone.

Fear wins.

Over the past 10 years the universe has thrown me a few curve balls, testing my abilities. At times yes, fear did win, but not for long.

I decide to actively face fear head on, I leaned-in to break ground inch by inch. I practised and learned how I reacted to fear. Becoming more in-tune with my natural response and how I showed up. Yes, it was painful but worth the time and effort.

I now make decisions more quickly, ready to solve issues. My time is spent laser focused on results, not fears.

Now it is your turn to go on a

Mission to Embrace Fear

Let Slipstream Training be your guide to over-coming your Fear.